Thinking of fiber cement siding?

Let’s discuss this great siding material

When it comes to choosing the proper material to finish the exterior of your house, most homeowners create a “wish list” of what they want: It has to be durable, with minimal maintenance required and that it doesn’t break the bank. There is a material that meets all these requirements. This material is fiber cement siding.

Basically, it is a cement-based composite material used for the exterior decoration, similar in appearance to a painted or imitation wood cladding.

Today an estimated 12% to 15% of all homes have installed it. Installation is not a simple process and many problems can occur.

One issue to consider though is that we highly recommend experts to install it as it may lead to problems such as touch-up mistakes, incorrect gaps, installers using not enough or too many fasteners, and incorrect clearances. The material looks just like wood siding, although it offers more options, such as different textures and colors. It also holds paint properly, allowing you to customize its look.

Benefits of fiber cement siding

In general, the advantages of fiber cement siding are:

  • Dimensional stability. There is thermal expansion, but it is minimal.
  • Angles, corners, and joints can be joined seamlessly
  • Non-combustible.
  • It is resistant to breakage.
  • High resistance to frost
  • Low moisture absorption after installation
  • Does not require maintenance for a prolonged time (It retains an attractive appearance and does not require painting).
  • Install it any time of the year.
  • Unlike wood, fiber cement is not susceptible to termites or water
  • The material is not prone to discoloration or warping over time.
  • Compatible with all types of walls.
  • Doesn’t rot

Should you have any questions on fiber cement or you are looking for expert advise or a quote, please contact our team of experts at 8Diamonds Siding. We will make sure we answer your questions and concerns.