The little known importance of soffit and fascia

In general, if we did a survey of homeowners and asked them what materials are the most used on the exterior of a house, most of them would answer doors, windows, and siding materials. What about soffit and fascia?

We bet that soffit and fascia would not be on the list of the most common ones, simply because they are not the best known materials or their functions are little promoted.

But… what is soffit?

Many times our customers look at us with a frown and ask us why they should spend money on soffit. Since it is a material that has little visual exposure and it can only be appreciated if one is standing very close to it. And with good reason for many homeowners, that question is valid.

Let’s start by answering what soffit is: It’s the horizontal cladding material that we place under the cantilever. It is not only for aesthetic finishing, but it has very important insulating functions. We will talk about them in a moment.

And what is fascia?

The fascia is the planking on the outside of the overhang where the gutters are placed. The fascia is highly visible and needs to be in good shape not only for curb appeal but to deliver its function.

Why These Materials Are Important To Your Home

After a brief introduction to what these materials are as part of your home’s siding, let’s examine the importance of each of them.

Importance of soffit

  • Helps with proper ventilation

In an attic, it will help maintain a constant air flow between the roof and the attic. This is extremely important since it promotes the circulation of humidity favoring the non-formation of mold.

  • Keeps insects out

Soffit acts as a barrier that keeps out bees, or wasps, so it’s important to examine for cracks or holes. If found, it is essential to repair or replace it if necessary.

  • Temperature control

In addition to keeping moisture out, soffit helps release heat from your attic during the hot summer months.

Importance of the fascia

  • Gutters

Where the gutter is anchored. In places with a lot of rain, gutters play an essential role in collecting and evacuating water from the roof to the floor.

If the fascia is not in good condition, there is a risk that gutters will detach from it causing serious problems.

  • Curb appeal

Since fascia is very visible if you walk around your house, it contributes to the exterior appearance of the house.

At 8Diamonds Siding we are expert installers of different type of soffit such as wood, aluminum, fiber cement and vinyl.

Like other cladding materials, choose the soffit that best responds to the climatic conditions where you live. Keep in mind that even though wood is a beautiful material, it is susceptible to warping and rotting when not maintained properly, specially in Vancouver.

If you require expert advise on soffit and fascia, please call us at (604)423-2440 or contact us