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The benefits of fiber cement siding

Why choose fiber cement for your siding project?

Fiber cement is one of the most popular siding options

If you are at the stage of deciding which siding material is the most suitable for your home, either for a new construction or a renovation project, your goal is to select a material that provides you with the best value.

Look for materials that provides best performance, low maintenance and long longevity. Fiber cement may be the material you are looking for.

For very good reasons, fiber cement has become one of the most popular options available today for residential and commercial projects.

It is highly resistant to possible damage caused by hail or by flying objects in case of strong winds such as tree branches.

Unlike wood it resists attacks from insects

Its composition of sand, cement and cellulose fibers makes it resistant to the elements even to direct fire or extreme heat. Fiber cement is a Class 1 (A) rated product, the highest classification available.

• Longevity. It is estimated that this type of siding can last up to 50 years, which is consistent with the duration of the manufacturer’s warranty. Most homeowners will not need to replace fiber cement in their lifetime.

• Resistant to deformation and loss of color, or rot

• Low maintenance. This means great saving of money since the material will not need a coat of paint for the next 7 to 10 years which is a substantial advantage over wood.

• Aesthetically diverse with a look like wood, and masonry and offers many options for colors, textures and size. However, should you not like the base color, it can be changed very easily.

• Provides an excellent value for your money

One of the drawbacks of fiber cement is its high weight per sqft. We suggest you consult one of our siding specialists to see if this material can be installed in your home. Request a free consultation to discuss fiber cement and other options you want to consider for your project. Contact us here to schedule a free home consultation.

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