Is it advisable to start a renovation project in the winter?

Siding project winter

At 8 Diamonds Siding, one of the FAQs we receive is, “Is there any advantage to starting a renovation project in the winter and if possible, what are the advantages of this time of year?”.

The answer is definitely YES! It is possible to start your siding renovation project in the middle of the winter. In fact, many projects we have completed, have started and completed in the cold season.

Now to answer the second part of the question, what advantages exist between starting in the winter and in another season. As we know, Vancouver winter is characterized by a lot of rain and occasional snow.

Although between October to March the average rainfall in Vancouver is almost 200% higher than between April and September, this doesn’t suggest that the rainy season is bad for construction. It is worth mentioning that construction of new buildings and large commercial projects do not slow down during this time.

The number of home renovation projects (single family homes) show a significant drop due to poor weather conditions. However, we believe starting a siding project during the winter months has significant advantages over spring and summer.

These include:

1) Quick budget submission and internal organization
Perhaps one of the most advantageous issues this time of year is the highest speed of generating quotes and sending them to the client for approval. Normally within a day or two, the homeowner can get a detailed quote  which once approved, the project can start shortly.

2) Availability of work crews
This is one of the most important reasons we can cite for starting a siding project in the winter. Generally speaking, as there is less demand for work crews it is easier to assign workers to start jobs with less notice. I.e: two weeks

3) Obtaining permits
Because there is less demand for projects during the winter months, obtaining permits (for those projects that require them), as well as approval by inspectors can take less time than during the spring / summer months when there are more new projects underway.

4) Complete your project before spring begins
As good Canadians, Vancouverites are fans of enjoying a good barbecue in the company of friends. One of the drawbacks of starting in the summer is that many times the garden is used as a “temporary storage area” for building materials. You deserve to sit down in the garden, relax and simply enjoy the summer, without having to be concerned about the siding project.

5) Lower project cost
It is possible to lower the total cost of a project by up to 10% for the reasons mentioned above and these savings can be substantial depending on project size.

Siding project winter

Projects we started in the winter.

Among all the projects we have worked on between 2017-2020, approximately 32% were started and completed in winter months. This shows that our crews are adapted and used to working in unfavorable weather conditions.

As always, our advice is to consult with a construction professional who guarantees the execution of your project following the provisions of the contract. Equally important is to verify his/her credentials, references, insurance, permits, and business license.

If you need to start your project as soon as possible, give us a call at (604)423-2440 or simply click here to email us, and we will get back to you shortly. Our company has the technical capacity to respond to any cladding requirement.


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