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Types of siding

*Please note that we do not sell siding products. We install most siding types including the following:

Wood Siding

A popular product in North American homes, wood is a never-fading choice that gives your house a unique and complementary look to the surrounding natural beauty. Not only does it have the aesthetic appeal, it’s practical properties give the ability to “breathe” which means it won’t trap unpleasant smells in your home or emit harmful materials. The pleasant smell of wood is known for its positive effects on our nervous system and as a result associated with the reduction of stress. We offer wood siding installation for Pine, Spruce, Fir, and Cedar.

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement panels
Project location: Windermere St. Vancouver BC

Fiber cement has revolutionized the home siding industry because it offers so many different benefits for the homeowner. Fiber cement beats out many different home siding materials, being fireproof, primed/paintable, doesn’t rot or succumb to pests, long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing, and adds resale value to your property. 8 Diamonds Siding Inc. specializes in the installation of different types of siding from different manufacturers. 

Nichiha Panels

Project location: Alberta St . Vancouver BC

Nichiha panels offer a full line of Fiber Cement Siding products that have a diverse and modern collection for interior and exterior applications. Sophisticated, award-winning, and revolutionary coasting process, Nichiha fiber cement panels reinvent modern home design with their product finishes and textures. 

Lux Siding and Soffit

Photo credit: luxarpro.com

Manufactured in Canada, Lux siding is made out of custom length cold rolled steel that is easy to shape and size for your home. This product provides high value for it’s extraordinary quality in durability, easy-to-clean, it’s impervious to insects/plants, fireproof and has a variety of colors/textures to choose from. Its customization does not significantly increase the price, therefore it gives the homeowner extremely good value when choosing Lux. 

AL13 Panels

Photo credit: al13.com

AL13 panel system is cut to fit and snaps together on site, reducing costs, installation and lead times. The system does not require prefabrication and can be installed on any type of structure. This system differs from other ACM (Aluminum Composite Panel) systems in that it is a tab-over system. The panels are secured by the snap-lock fasteners. Panels are not welded or formed during construction.  This allows for each panel to expand and contract across a broad temperature spectrum without causing buckling or oil-canning.

Longboard Siding and Soffit

LongBoard Panels by 8 Diamonds Siding
Project location: 65a Avenue, Surrey, BC

Longboard® products are designed for contemporary residential and commercial projects. The perfect solution for achieving all of the richness and beauty of wood without the maintenance. Longboard®  is aluminum soffit, siding and privacy screen available in a wide range of woodgrain and solid colour finishes.

Attributes of Longboard®:

  • Non-combustible
  • 15 Year Non-Prorated Finish Warranty
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Won’t rot, warp, peel or fade
  • LEED Credits
  • Impervious to insects
  • Can be matched to other products using Alluminate© Finishes

Styles of wood siding