Referral Incentive

8 Diamonds Home Improvement Inc announces our new Referral Incentive Program. We will reward anyone who provides a referral that results in a generated work order or contract with a new customer. We specialize in exterior renovation of family houses and small to medium size multifamily and commercial projects. We also do exterior woodwork and siding for new construction. We work all over the Lower Mainland from Langley and Maple Ridge to Lion’s Bay and south to Richmond, White Rock..

Who is eligible?

Anyone who provides a referral is eligible, including our customers, clients, vendors, suppliers, subcontractors and all their staff. Remember – only direct referrals resulting in closed deals count. However, we reward qualified leads as well.

How to get us?

Call 604.754.0299,  email, or meet Viktor Timofeev, our manager and all-around nice guy.  Viktor will keep a track of all referrals and rewards.

How much is in it for me?

We pay 1% of the amount of the contract to those whose referral happens to be the first or decisive one leading to the contract. We also reward qualified leads with $20 gift cards for Starbucks.

What happens if 8Diamonds doesn’t get the job?

If we don’t close the deal or don’t get the job, or you refer a job we already have a referral for, you still deserve our sincerest thanks and a $20 gift card.

When do I get my reward?

Once we close the deal, sign a contract, or actually start the work – we’ll cut your cheque within a week. As for qualified leads – we’ll pass you our thanks and a gift card once we confirm the lead.