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Not just any renovation or construction company offers the values 8 Diamonds Siding Inc does.

We want to earn your trust with honest workmanship and be known for our solid reputation. 8 Diamonds Siding Inc. is in the business of providing quality service now and in the future, delivering the best renovation job possible.

Choose us for your next job and you’ll receive a two-year warranty on our workmanship.

The value of choosing 8 Diamonds Siding Inc.

Every company claims to do good work, but real value comes from a company that does good work while delivering exceptional service.  Service is what 8 Diamonds Siding Inc. stands behind. Our entire team supports our company values of quality craftsmanship, pride of work and honesty with our customers. As our mission states, we want to be known for our high level of customer service, for our professional approach and for our fairness in business.

Making projects easier for you

We believe in protecting construction by paying attention to small, but essential details, like installing flashing correctly to prevent water ingress and leaks. This extra attention ensures that we do our best to get the job done right the first time – and if it’s not, we’ll make it right.  Our staff are trained to present the options you need to make decisions that work for your project.

Quality workers equals a quality job

Our first priority is to communicate with our customers and resolve any concerns immediately.  To facilitate this process, our supervisors are on site every day to answer your questions, and to ensure productivity, quality, cleanliness of the worksite, and safety. By placing a top priority on recruiting, developing and retaining our work force, we’ve built a team with diverse experience that takes pride in their work. Plus, because our employees are paid hourly, you receive quality, detailed work instead of someone rushing through the job.