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How Canadian winters affect siding in our homes.

Unfortunately, siding is one of the topics in the “Home Repair handbook” which some homeowners tend to overlook until there is a visible issue.

Canadian winters can deteriorate siding if it's not properly maintained.

Canadian winters are not the mildest on the planet and when the cold begins to descend from the Arctic, the force and intensity of nature is felt on our faces.

Every year, windstorms and snowstorms cause millions in damage resulting in road accidents, downed trees, road salt damage to cars and streets with potholes the size of a basketball.

One of the frequently seen problems in homes during the winter are siding panels or boards being loosened by high winds. This may seem like a minor and cosmetic annoyance, but it may actually be a symptom of a larger problem. If a board is loose, it means there is potentially water and moisture getting into the back of the siding. Over time, moisture can accumulate and begin to deteriorate, not only the cladding material but the insulation behind it and even compromise the structure of the house.

When vinyl siding is installed at home.

If the house has PVC vinyl siding installed, keep in mind that this material tends to be very brittle when exposed to extreme low temperatures. Be especially careful if you are operating a snow plow and avoid hitting the vinyl siding as it can be easily damaged.

Canadian winters and how to take care of the siding

Before the cold winter temperatures begin, it is recommended you make a walk around the house to inspect for any signs of damage to the siding. If there is, determine if it is possible to do the repair yourself or if it is necessary to call a specialist to fix or replace the material.

We recommend you perform a visual inspection of the siding around the house at least twice a year to keep an eye on any damage that can potentially be of concern.

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