Questions for a contractor

What to ask them before they start…

Over the years we have received many questions of homeowners who want and need to ensure they hire the right siding contractor. Some of the frequently asked questions below may help you clarify if the contractor is the right one to hire for your next project.

Tip: Do your research online and find out what other customers think of them.

  • Is the contractor fully insured and licensed?
  • How long has he/she been in business?
  • How many jobs has he/she completed in the past?
  • Does the contractor provide a written warranty on materials and labour?
  • What is the proposed timeline for completion?
  • Who is the main point of contact during the project?
  • What if there are delays in the completion of the project? Are there penalty fees involved?
  • How are unforeseeable costs handled during the project?
  • Is the project entirely handled by the contractor or will there be sub-contractors?
  • Can he/she provide references?

Make sure you understand the complete scope of the work and that every detail is included in the contract you sign, whether removal of debris is included or not.

If you have any questions, please give us a phone call at 604-423-2440 or message us to setup a free, no-obligation home consultation. We are happy to answer not only the frequently asked questions, but any other you may have!

As always, we recommend you do your research. Find reviews, talk to the homeowners you can and see how they were treated during the process. In our opinion, customers always look for a great service and experience. Also, we suggest you make sure you are not hiring a siding company just because the website looks great and promises low prices with great quality.

We all know what money buys, and when you are talking about the biggest investment for many Canadians, we suggest you surround yourself by industry experts.

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