Prices of siding

This prices reflected include labour and material of our most popular siding options. Prices are subject to change without notice.

MaterialPrice per square foot
Cedar sidingStarting at $10.50
LongBoardStarting at $30.00
AL 13Starting at $30.00
Fiber CementStarting at $9.25
Vinyl soffitStarting at $6.00
Wood soffitStarting at $7.00
Updated: 10-05-2020

The prices above include preparation and installation of water barriers. For any other type of material you don’t see listed, please click here or call us at (604)423-2440

Tip: Be aware of low-balling prices from siding contractors as they can suddenly start to add “unaccounted for items” and what seemed a great deal, now it’s a terrible deal.

Unfortunately there are shady contractors in our industry and as a result of their business practices, both homeowners and honest companies end up affected.

Whether the contractor miscalculated the scope of work (due to lack of experience) or willingly they gave you a great low price just to get the job, protect yourself and ask them questions. At the end of the day, it’s your hard earned cash and your home we are talking about!

Make sure the signed contract specifies materials to be used, and all the tasks included… even cleanup and removal of debris.

“Complete siding renovation ” as a description on the estimate is not sufficient. Buyer Beware! If you have any doubts on the contractor, see if they are an accredited BBB business