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Four siding materials for the Canadian climate

The weather determines what kind of clothes we wear, or vehicles we drive. It also determines the type of siding recommended withstanding the fluctuations in temperatures that occur between the winter and the summer. What are the materials that you should consider for the cladding of your house? A Google search shows us many options from materials, shapes, and price. […]

What happens to vinyl siding when exposed to heat?

When direct or indirect heat becomes a problem Vinyl siding is popular with homeowners who choose the material for multiple reasons, one of them being low cost and low maintenance. Like all PVC-based materials, direct or indirect exposure to heat sources will have an impact on vinyl siding. Damage caused by proximity to heat source One of the common problems […]

A material that emulates wood without the downside of wood

Decisions decisions. One of the crucial phases in building a house is making decisions regarding design, future home expansions and materials. And many of these decisions involve cladding material. It is not surprising many homeowners choose wood, an extremely popular and versatile material to work with and one of the preferred materials by builders, architects, and homeowners. Its look brings […]

How Canadian winters affect siding in our homes.

Unfortunately, siding is one of the topics in the “Home Repair handbook” which some homeowners tend to overlook until there is a visible issue. Canadian winters can deteriorate siding if it’s not properly maintained. Canadian winters are not the mildest on the planet and when the cold begins to descend from the Arctic, the force and intensity of nature is […]